I am proud to be a major contributor of Jaxopt library, a library of differentiable optimizers written in Jax. I did contributions on Armijo Line Search, Anderson acceleration, and quadratic programming with a Jax re-implementation of OSQP. I also contributed to the documentation and the tests.


In 2017/2018, I was the team leader of a team 17 people for the Cartomensia project: a software to play “La Batarde”, a card game inspired from “Belote” and few other. The project was written in C++ and SFML. It contains:

  • a game engine,
  • a GUI,
  • a server to play online,
  • a bot to play against based on Monte Carlo Tree Search.

Other projects

I did several projects during my studies, as part of courses requirements or personal projects; here I highlight the most significant.

  • SQL intepreter and compiler in C++ with Boost.spirit in 2018. Link.
  • Inpatining software in C++ in 2018. Link.
  • Caml light interpreter written in… Ocaml! in 2017. Link.
  • Raytracing engine in C++ in 2016. Link.
  • Neural network training from scratch in C++ and Eigen in 2016. Link.
  • A procedural map generator based on Perlin noise and Voronoi diagrams, in C++ and Cuda, in 2015. Link.

Check out the code of my papers for other insights on my work.